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Since 1975
Flight Deck
Flight Deck
Our capabilities include the complete in-house manufacturing of the entire Flight Deck Assembly, packaged and shipped complete to the Aircraft Manufacturer ready for installation of the Garmin G1040 Displays, switches and instruments.  The Flight Deck is completely manufactured in-house with all processes controlled by Javelina  ISO 9001-2000 Quality Standards. 


Control Wheel Assemblies
At Javelina we start with the customer's raw castings. The casting is quality inspected, alodined and powder coated. The casting is then covered with laser-cut hand stitched, fire retardant leather of the highest quality. All laser engraved placards, hardware, covers and associated parts are fabricated in house under Javelina ISO 9001-2000 quality standards. The final product is then 100% inspected, packaged and sent to the customer for final installation onto the aircraft.


Left, Right & Center Flight Deck Panels, Water Jet Machined, Powder Coated and Laser Engraved.
Flight Deck

Water Jet Machined with a Back Lighted, Laser Engraved Matte Black Acrylic, Non-glare Graphics Overlay.

Cockpit Panels
At Javelina Corporation we have the capability of reverse engineering instrument panels to accommodate Avionics changes.  A 72 hour turnaround is available, with expediting charges.  In the absence of CAD drawings, measurements are taken from the existing panel utilizing our CMM, which easily holds tolerance to within  5/1000".   All panels are de-burred, vibrated and alodined to MIL spec.  We also have the capability to precision cut NVIS Glass to any specifications.
Water Jet Machined, Black Anodized,
Laser Engraved Cockpit Panels.
 Electroluminescent Backlit Flight Deck Panels
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